Doctor Stranger (2014 Korean Series)

Korean Title: 닥터 이방인

Doctor Stranger is an impressive drama by many counts. The plot and story is so good that you would brush aside production anomalies, like why is he holding onto her injured arm (at the bridge, she had a gunshot wound to the right shoulder).

It’s tagged as a thriller, and it lives up to the classification. This is a good thing. The situation lends itself to this because their lives are constantly being threatened.

Everything about the story was good… except the ending. The final episode, I was filled with expectations of how it might end. Was she a spy all along (starting from the night he was supposed to meet her father)? What was their mission? Why did the President make that decision? Could the whole story be tied together such that it goes back to the beginning? There is so much potential in the story to be so.

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