Videostream Premium Review

So… I went premium.

I did not need it, I enjoyed the exercise walking to and from the TV to the computer. But for those really short videos (2-5 minutes), the playlist feature was a nice to have.

When Videostream gave an offer on their lifetime version, I took it and decided it ought to be for the better. And voila~ I exchanged my daily, multiple short walks for Videostream Premium.

Well, for starters, they must have quite a fun team working on Videostream. Their thank-you message after I made the purchase was quite funky. Not your usual thank you message. I don’t buy on Google Play a lot, so I can’t tell how much effort went into creating the thank you page.

Diving into the Premium version… I like the playlist feature!

The biggest plus, for me, is even after you close the app, it remembers your previous playlist. And other than serving as a playlist, where it has the usual repeat and shuffle buttons, it also helps by keeping a history of the videos I often watch. For instance, some children shows get played a lot, so I can just put them on the playlist and click on them like choosing from a menu, instead of having to load it over and over and over each time the app restarts.

You can remove individual videos from the playlist, re-order the videos or click the “clear all” button at the top to start afresh.

It’s good so far.

Gripes? I have two.

Videostream Add To Playlist Button
Videostream’s “Add To Playlist” Button covers the Video’s close button

First, the “add to playlist” button at the bottom right corner interferes with the close button of the video that’s at the bottom of the list. Sure I can work around it, like dragging the video to a higher position and then using the close button.

The team works pretty fast so I presume this interface issue is getting worked on as you read this.

Second. My electrical bills are going up! The TV did not get a lot of attention before… but now, it’s almost, always, perpetually turned on and have something playing on it! Nooooo……

Videostream only works with a Chromecast.

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