TVB Captain of Destiny 張保仔 – Part 3

Hong Kong Drama — TVB Captain of Destiny 張保仔

This review contains spoilers.

This part has been a long time coming. I honestly wasn’t keen on writing this post, but still did anyway. It’s been a week after the final episode aired.

After the last post on Captain of Destiny 張保仔 show, for the episodes that followed, I had expected to them to get increasingly exciting. Well, I was wrong. The general plot was OK (it’s not praise). The lines (对白) became a bunch of bull, and worse, delivered poorly. I don’t know whether it’s the lines that made the rest of the drama insufferable or the way the actors, specifically Grace and Tony, chose to deliver them.

The worst part had to be when Grace Chan’s character refused to give Ruco Chan’s character the benefit of doubt, and proceeded to smear the 11th Prince at the prison cell holding 張保仔 and his friends. Even if she was certain that she was right, she need not speak with such certainty that it was the 11th Prince that caused their downfall and smear him immediately after he asked her to give him the benefit of doubt. Incongruency in the character — that spoilt the show.

The drama was definitely saved by Ruco Chan, the only one who was acting of the 3 leads, and the theme of travelling through time. As supporting cast, Joel Chan and Mandy Wong did their part. But Grace and Tony… I wished I had nicer things to say. Even Raymond Wong who appeared in the final minutes of the last episode “spoke” a lot more (with his body language) than all the screen time the other 2 leads had.

More on time travel… The final two episodes were entertaining (in terms of storyline), and they steered the show back on track again, if you’d cut more slack on Grace and Tony.

In the end, I wouldn’t recommend the show. It’s a sad state for an anniversary drama. The beginning was promising, the ending was entertaining, the middle was… a sad state.

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