The Five (2013 Korean Movie)

Just done watching The Five (더 파이브)

In a word… Wow!

This is a very gripping and heart wrenching story, that keeps you at the edge of your seat. I found myself wringing my fingers midway during the show. It’s a thriller, no less, with a very dark theme. But very good. So. Good.

In fact, I was so amped up after watching it to write about it. So here it is. Actually, there it was (I wrote a post that accidentally got erased, so this is a rewrite).

Kim Sun A (김선아) plays Eun-ah, the female protagonist. And she delivers an excellent performance that seals the fate of The Five as a successful hit. She was the reason why I would watch a Korean movie that isn’t comedy, go through pains to find it in good quality together with the corresponding English subtitles, and sync them just to catch it in one good sitting.

The story is intricately woven, the plot is tight knit. The cinematography is well done and the show is well directed. Because of the dark theme, very very dark, it’s unlikely that I’d watch it again. But I highly recommend it. Highly. Who knew the story they’d tell in 2 hours could be this good?

It remains to be a show that you’ll catch, even if only once, for the stellar performance and the thrilling plot. The best part? It’ll leave you thinking about your life.

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