Goodbye Mr Black (2016 Korean Series)

This one is an epic failure. Given that it’s an adaptation, I was honestly expecting a lot more. But this production fails on many levels. And it could be SOOOOO much better.

The production is an adaption of a comic (manhwa), which is an adaption of a novel (published 1983) written by Hwang Mi Na. I have not read the novel, neither have I seen the comic. However, scriptwriters tend to pick out the better ones (i.e. clearly popular ones) to adapt into a script.

BUT. There were so many mistakes, glaring mistakes. If only they had a script doctor… I’m reeling in shock how they could allow this to go into broadcast. Ugh.

I’m up to ep 5 at this time of writing. The mistakes:

  1. Teaser act at the beginning of ep 1
  2. Unnecessary scenes aplenty
  3. Necessary scenes missing
  4. Because of #2 and #3 above, the story jumps from here to there, in bits and pieces, borderline comprehensible.
  5. There is no sense of time, even though things moved chronologically
  6. You call this as thriller?! (it is classified under genre “Thriller”)
  7. Nothing thrilling, nor captivating.
  8. Lee Jin Wook (이진욱) seems to have lost his touch here. He was a hell lot better in Nine: Nine Times Travel

I wonder how the original story flows, given that it was once popular in the 1980s. In any case, based on the story I’ve watched so far, there is definitely a story to tell, but this production doesn’t do the story justice. And I say that with a big sigh.

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