Goodbye Mr Black (2016 Korean Series) Part 2

In the last post, which I watched up till ep5, and was ranting about how bad it was, what an epic failure it was.

Fortunately, the production started getting better around ep6-7, but lapsed for 1-2 episodes before starting becoming solid around ep 10-11. After that it was swell. I’m so glad it was swell.

It still can’t be classified as a “thriller” though. There is a story to tell, some parts are quite cliche, some parts attempt to thrill (but doesn’t pull it off). It’s a story where the bad guys shine.

It’s VERY hard to get through the initial episodes before the story started getting solid, and that’s the biggest gripe for this production. If only they tidied up those episodes in the first half, which makes up quite a large chunk of the story.

Lee Jin Wook (이진욱) was a-ok toward the end, I understand he was trying to mimick the expressions in the comic book, but it was unnatural. Moon Chae Won (문채원) portrayed her character very well, given the comic (referring to “manhwa”, not “comedy”) nature of the production.

I felt that the ending (final 5-10 minutes) could have been better, to leave a greater impression on the audience… and hopefully help them forget how bad the beginning episodes were.

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