Monster (2016 Korean Series)

Monster (2016) is a good story. But it is not well written.

The main characters are well-constructed, but a notable character was extremely disappointing. In the show, he was supposed to be a very high profile “boss,” but turned out to be too stupid to be in that position, putting Kang Gi Tan through extreme torture, which was torturous to watch. Skip forward (to the next episode).

A gunshot wound to the head of the male protagonist… make a guess if he will survive it. Hmmm.

EDIT @ Ep 31:

The story never fail to disappoint. It will bring you up to a boil with tension and anticipation… like a kindled campfire, burning… burning… then something happens, and sand and water is poured over that fire. A complete wet blanket. A super downer. Every time something exciting seems to happen or is going to happen, all that tension and anticipation gets wiped out, soon enough. It’s frustrating, and this is an undesirable emotion because it’s not something we feel for the characters in the story, but directed at the repeated pattern of the show. It has become tiring to watch on.

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