Pinocchio (2014 Korean Series)

Korean Title: 피노키오

This is a very well-written drama.

There is a disclaimer for this show. The “Pinocchio” syndrome in the show is fictitious, and not a real syndrome or condition. This disclaimer is stated in text at the beginning of each episode.

When I first saw the disclaimer, I was a little put off by it, because it gives the impression that this story is like a fairy tale. It’s already fiction, and this impression further reduces the realism of the story. This doesn’t lend seriousness to the production.

It also gives off the vibe that there isn’t enough “story” to go round that they needed to borrow some story from the fictitious syndrome.

However my initial impressions due to the disclaimer was shattered as the show plunged immediately into the gravity of the story — in all seriousness. It was that good. The writer managed to integrate the “Pinocchio” syndrome into a story carrying serious tones.

In addition, the writer managed to use the syndrome without abusing it.

The only other qualm about this show is the romance plot. As you know, the promotional poster clearly showed romance in the story, but it felt like the romance was squeezed in to fill time. It wasn’t done properly. That, I felt was a pity for this production.

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