12 Swap

12 Swap

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12 Swap

The 12 Swap puzzle game is a fun and engaging game where players arrange smileys in rows or columns with three or four identical smileys, then swap them around to create matches and remove their board. This board is to be cleared by swapping every pair of matching faces!

In order to play 12 Swap the players must swap smiley faces in such a way that horizontal or vertical lines of identical smileys are formed. The smileys that were removed are replaced by new ones. Play continues until both players have exhausted all their moves.

The game requires players to use spatial reasoning and pattern recognition skills as they try to remove the tiles from the board. As the difficulty increases, players are forced to think several moves ahead in order to plan moves strategically.

12 Swap offers players of any age a fun, relaxing, and engaging experience. This is a way to have a good time, while using their brain. 12 Swap is a puzzle game that has gained popularity among puzzle fans for its bright graphics and fun gameplay.

Players will encounter more complex smiley faces as they progress through the levels, which require advanced strategies to overcome. The game provides both entertainment and challenge, while motivating players to improve their skills and score higher.

The puzzle game 12 Swap offers hours of fun and mental stimulation to both puzzle lovers and casual players. Due to its intuitive gameplay, colorful design elements and easy-to-understand interface, 12 Swap quickly became popular with both groups.

You can find 12 Swap if you want to play a challenging puzzle game. With its adorable smileys and engaging gameplay 12 Swap offers a challenging challenge for players of any level and is sure to provide hours and hours of enjoyment!


Switch the smiley faces around to match them up in rows or columns of three or more.