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6ixel invites you on an exciting journey of collecting 6 music discs across 5 challenging levels! His quest will put your skills and reflexes through their paces as various obstacles and puzzles stand in his path of collecting all 6 discs for every level! Join him now as his quest begins!

This game provides engaging gameplay and vibrant graphics to create an experience that will keep players engrossed for hours. Vivid environments add even more stimulation as players guide 6ixel through his various levels, creating each stage into an incredible visual journey.

As you progress through each level and collect music discs, a sense of achievement and fulfillment will arise. The game provides a rewarding and fulfilling gaming experience as players overcome challenges to advance to newer and harder levels while showing their gaming prowess.

6ixel is an engaging and addictive game, promising hours of entertainment and adventure. By helping 6ixel to collect his music discs, players will surely feel immersed in its thrill-inducing adventure as they experience each level mastery with pride and satisfaction.

Prepare yourself for an epic journey with 6ixel and become immersed in its thrilling gameplay as you collect music discs across five exhilarating levels! This game will put your gaming skills through their paces while taking you on an amazing journey that you won't soon forget - all this awaits you on an incredible voyage with 6ixel!


Help 6ixel collect 6 music discs in each of the 5 levels!