Abba The Fox

Abba The Fox

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Abba The Fox

Prepare yourself for an exciting hang-gliding adventure with "Abba The Fox". This thrilling game challenges players to collect envelopes and avoid obstacles. The mouse is used by the player to control the hang glider. The left mouse button is used to adjust the altitude. The goal of the game consists in collecting all scattered envelopes and avoiding obstacles. The players must be able to move with precision and speed as they glide through the dynamic, immersive world. The captivating mechanics of the game provide an immersive experience which keeps players entertained and engaged. The fast-paced and dynamic nature of “Abba The Fox” keeps players on edge of their seat as they try to master the art and skill of hang-gliding, while improving their agility and dexterity to navigate the obstacles presented. This game is a thrilling and engaging experience for all players. Its user-friendly controls, vivid graphics and easy to use interface will keep you entertained. "Abba The Fox", as a whole, promises an adventure filled with adrenaline that will test players' hang-gliding abilities. This immersive and challenging game will keep you coming back whether you are a novice or an experienced gamer. Get ready to fly in this thrilling hang-gliding adventure.

Fly around using your mouse. Hold down the left mouse key to fly higher and release to lower. Goal is to collect all the envelopes.


A fun hanggliding game where the goal is to collect all the envelopes without getting stung.