Adventure Elf

Adventure Elf will take you on a fun-filled holiday adventure to help Oliver save Christmas. In this humorous holiday story, the penguins are led by Frank and accidentally raid Santa’s Sleigh. They steal the beautiful, well-wrapped toys, unaware of their true purpose and thinking they were cans tuna. Oliver the Elf must go on a dangerous mission to recover the toys and bring them back to the Kringle Toy Factory. Santa will be able to deliver all his gifts if he has the correct presents. It is an exciting adventure as you join Oliver, a brave elf who has devoted his life to finding the lost toys. Adventure Elf is a game that offers a unique experience, with its innovative puzzles, captivating characters and enchanting environments. The story unfolds as players navigate through engaging levels that each have their own charm and allure. The visually stunning journey will captivate all players. From the snow-covered scenery to the bustling workshop, this game is sure to capture everyone. In its core, Adventure Elf seamlessly blends puzzle-solving elements, exploration, light-hearted humor and culminates in a cheerful, uplifting gaming experience. This game is a great way to enjoy the holidays with its endearing story and intuitive gameplay. Prepare to join Oliver the Elf in his quest to find the lost gifts. Immerse yourself into a magical and charming world and save Christmas with this entertaining and heartwarming adventure. Adventure Elf's whimsical charm and engaging gameplay will bring holiday cheer and festive enjoyment to all those who take on this magical journey.


Frank and all his other penguin pals have raided Santa\'s sleigh. (These penguins are pretty dumb and mistook the shiny, colorfully wrapped toys for big cans of tuna.) It?s up to Oliver the Elf, to find those gifts and return them back to the Kringle Toy Factory so Santa can make his deliveries.