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Airballs will bring laughter to any gathering! This exciting game tests your coordination by having you bounce a ball on your head while keeping as many balls airborne at one time - an engaging activity great for sharing amongst friends!

Objective of the Game is to keep as many balls in the air by skillfully using your head to bounce them, challenging both coordination and creativity while providing plenty of laughter and entertainment.

Gather up some friends for an exhilarating challenge by competing to keep as many balls in the air for as long as possible - it will not only bring fun but will also improve coordination skills!

To play Airballs, just stand in a clear space with all your balls in front of you and use your head to bounce each one. Keep bouncing them until as many are in the air as possible -- keeping up will only add challenge and make this an enthralling game! The more balls that remain airborne for as long, the harder and more exciting the challenge becomes!

This game provides an enjoyable way for active individuals to get active together with others while having a blast! Perfect for all ages and levels of experience. Everyone involved will find much pleasure from participating.

Airballs is an engaging game designed to test your coordination while giving you and your friends an unforgettable experience. Are you up for a challenging yet delightful round of Airballs? Get ready to bounce, laugh, and experience one exciting round!


Bounce the ball on your head and keep as many balls in the air as possible!