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Amoebas, a Game of Survival

Amoebas requires players to eliminate bizarre alien-like creature before they capture you and consume. Use your wit and skills to defeat these amoebas.

The game is set in a perilous and exciting environment. You, as the player, must remain vigilant to avoid being overwhelmed by an amoeba onslaught. Each new level will bring new challenges and enemies, so your ability to adapt is vital for winning.

As you play the game you unlock power-ups that will help you to fight amoebas. These valuable resources will improve your abilities and provide protection during times of increased danger.

Amoebas' interface is designed by experts to immerse the player in heart-pounding, action-packed gameplay with captivating visuals and sound effects. Amoebas’ intuitive control system allows for smooth gameplay. This means that you can concentrate on the pesky creatures who stand in your way.

Amoebas, is much more than a simple game. It tests your nerves and skills. Each level is a triumphant experience, bringing with it a sense of satisfaction and pride in knowing that you've defeated powerful foes.

Are you up for the Challenge of Amoebas? Get Ready and Prepare Now Are you prepared to take on the Challenge of Amoebas? Prepare yourself for their relentless attack, will you be able to survive or will the alien-esque creatures consume your life? The fate of your virtual life is in the hands of the stars. May they align in your favor! Have Fun in Amoebas' World!


Shoot down these weird blob like creatures before they get you and eat you up.