Angel Bothorius

Angel Bothorius

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Angel Bothorius
Angel Bothorius INSTRUCTIONS

Angel Bothorius, an endearing celestial creature, has discovered himself in fairly an unsure scenario. Whereas on his journey residence after an exhausting day's work, he took an unplanned tumble by a gap within the clouds, dropping all his feathers alongside the best way and now being unable to fly any longer.

Gamers play a necessary half right here; inside this entrancing and forested sky world, Angel Bothorius wants help retrieving his feathers which have fallen to Earth over the course of his travels by all of it. By taking part in by the sport with Angel Bothorius as you assist him get your hands on each misplaced feather so he might soar as soon as extra by the sky!

As they assist Angel Bothorius navigate numerous challenges and obstacles whereas trying to find his scattered feathers, gamers will come throughout vibrant settings within the sky world that add one other pleasant layer to his journey.

As gamers progress by the sport, they will uncover numerous methods and instruments to help Angel Bothorius as they face every new problem. Their diligence will carry him one feather nearer to recovering his skill to fly!

The colourful and forested sky world gives the perfect setting for this heartwarming journey, that includes picturesque landscapes and pleasant characters aplenty - gamers will quickly turn out to be immersed in a tremendous and magical realm as they assist Angel Bothorius on his quest.

Be a part of Angel Bothorius on an interesting storyline and charming visuals as he embarks upon his extraordinary journey! Be a part of him as he recovers his feathers so he can soar into the skies as soon as once more! This recreation guarantees heartwarming leisure for gamers of all ages!

Angel Bothorius DESCRIPTION

Unfortunate Angle Bothorius fell through a hole in a cloud on his way back from work. He lost all his feathers and couldn’t fly back. Help Angle Bothorius collect all his feathers in a woody sky land.