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Artillery is an action-packed strategy game, pitting players in the center of strategic combat to eliminate enemies by skillfully launching shields at them. Success requires using precision and skill in targeting your aim precisely while maneuvering around obstacles to outwit opponents and reach victory!

Artillery challenges players to calculate the ideal angle and force required to propel their shields effectively, eliminating opponents in strategic attacks to come out victorious in this tactical board game. Artillery adds an engaging layer of challenge while testing players' tactical mettle - making for an engaging challenge with an exciting level of strategy involved!

This game allows players to put their strategic thinking and aim under test in exciting combat scenarios, providing an atmosphere where competitors can showcase their abilities and tactics; creating an exhilarating and competitive atmosphere for all involved.

Artillery offers an immersive gaming experience through its focus on precision and strategic planning, compelling players to think carefully when planning moves and execute with accuracy. A combination of strategy, combat, and thrilling gameplay make Artillery an exciting and exhilarating way of immersing oneself into exciting action-packed gameplay adventures!


Destroy the enemy by hitting it with your shields!