Avian Wars

Avian Wars

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Avian Wars

2071 saw an unprecedented reshaping of warfare due to the development of highly sophisticated fighter jets designed specifically for aerial combat, altering military operations significantly and ushering in an entirely new era of fighting based around air-to-air and ground battles, with AI targeting becoming central components of military strategy.

AI enemies present both challenges and opportunities to military forces in warfare, providing both an advantage and disadvantage to them. Armed with advanced technology and superior capabilities, these adversaries pose an incredible threat to traditional human-controlled aircraft - prompting global military forces to develop tactics and technologies designed to neutralize this new breed of adversaries.

As war has evolved, so has its focus: cutting-edge technologies are increasingly being developed that offer humans-controlled fighter jets a competitive edge when combatting robotic adversaries. Innovations include radar systems with superior radar detection capability, stealth capabilities and enhanced maneuverability - innovations designed to provide human piloted fighters a tactical edge against robotic opponents.

2071 also marks an upsurge in competition and innovation among defense industry suppliers and contractors, who compete to design the next-generation fighter jets equipped with cutting-edge weaponry and technologies.

As nations continue investing heavily in advanced fighter jet technology and their deployment, ongoing air wars have taken on greater significance than ever. Their outcomes will not only shape warfare going forward but will also determine global power balances.

2071 represented an unprecedented period in warfare history, marked by an intensified conflict in the air domain. Aided by advances in technology and tactics, nations began competing to establish supremacy over each other during avian battles - shifting global military strategy and power dynamics as nations vied for dominance on an global level.


It is the year 2071. Advanced fighter jets are developed. War is taken to the skies, against the AI enemies.