Avoid It

Avoid It

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Avoid It

Navigate safely in a perilous spacecraft shower while avoiding and neutralizing meteors that could collide with your vessel. It is vital that you are able maneuver through the barrage of meteors with agility.

In this exciting game, you play as a pilot of a fighter spacecraft that is flying through a meteor shower. To survive, you'll need quick reflexes as well as precision to maneuver through the dangerous space environment.

You will have to demonstrate your strategic and dexterity skills as you experience the adrenaline-pumping excitement. Avoid disaster as you pilot your spacecraft through a meteor shower that is only getting more intense.

Each passing moment will bring its own challenges. A meteor shower intensifies, and you'll need to be able to react in a split second to survive and win. As meteor showers bombard you with bombshells, your determination to win will be tested!

Prepare yourself for a thrilling journey into space. Take control of your spacecraft, and use precision to navigate it. Avoid meteor strikes and impending disaster. Each maneuver is crucial to avoiding disaster and staying alive.

You can make this trip memorable by engaging in an exhilarating journey and proving that you're a master at aerial combat. Take on this challenge, show off your combat skills, and guide your spacecraft through meteor showers safely to win!


Maneuver your space fighter through the meteor shower and blow up the meteors before they strike you.