Balloon Dog

Balloon Dog

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Balloon Dog

Children and adults love the balloon dog. Popular at carnivals, parties and other festive events.

The ability of balloon dogs to navigate through different environments safely and easily by using a fan is one of their unique characteristics.

Fans connected to remote controls are used to propel the balloon dog off the ground. It can then be guided in various directions.

Its ability to maneuver adds a creative and exciting dimension, whether it is crowding the room or fluttering across a large area. This dynamic attraction will engage guests of any age!

In addition to its navigational abilities, the balloon dog also features vibrant colors that bring a playful element into any setting. The balloon dog's playful appearance brings a joyous feel to any setting.

It is an interesting novelty that the balloon dog can safely be navigated by using a blower. The combination of colorful aesthetics, interactive movement and charming playfulness have cemented the balloon dog's place as a feature at celebrations.


Use the fan to make the balloon float and fly the dog to safety away from hazards.