Blue Midget Stalker

Blue Midget Stalker

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Blue Midget Stalker
Blue Midget Stalker INSTRUCTIONS

Blue Midget Stalker, Take Control of the Battle for Your City

Blue Midget Stalker allows players to take on the role as a fearless, midget stalker while navigating busy city streets in a giant robotic vehicle. The players' mission is to engage in combat, striking blows at enemy tanks, helicopters and soldiers while keeping civilians safe.

Players will be able to control a robot with precision and agility as they navigate through the jungles of urban terrain.

The combat is intense and tactical, requiring players to use intelligence and quick reactions to outwit or surpass enemy forces. The lives of innocents are at stake. Not only must you eliminate an enemy, but also minimise collateral damage.

Blue Midget Stalker combat can be intensely exciting, requiring players to make fast, decisive decisions that affect every turn instantly. Staying alert while surrounded by tanks, soldiers and helicopters is essential to winning each battle.

The stunning graphics and immersive environment immerse the player in a game world where streets become battlegrounds of an epic conflict. Players must navigate through the chaos with a sense of urgency while protecting innocent bystanders.

As the player progresses through the game they will face more challenging foes who will test their abilities to the limit. Each encounter has its own set obstacles, which require dexterity and adaptability to overcome.

Blue Midget Stalker offers a gaming experience that is both exciting and strategic. Blue Midget Stalker, a game with high stakes combat that puts an emphasis on the safety of civilians while also presenting players with a challenging yet thrilling challenge will keep them hooked.

Blue Midget Stalker challenges players to protect innocent civilians while outwitting and outgunning their enemies. This game offers both high-octane combat and strategic gameplay.

Blue Midget Stalker DESCRIPTION

Walk down the streets in your giant robot, shooting down soldiers, tanks, helicopters and avoiding civilians.