Clock Legends

Clock Legends

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Clock Legends

Clock Legends will take you on an adventure as Strawberry. Navigate your way around obstacles. This dynamic game is sure to challenge your skills, with its range of obstacles and dynamic gameplay.

While you are helping Strawberry to navigate the game, be on the lookout for power-ups. These will help her Kamehameha Energy and make her journey much easier. The power-ups can be crucial as obstacles will arise on your journey. It is important that she has quick reflexes to avoid dangers or leap over obstacles.

Clock Legends provides an immersive gaming environment that keeps players on the edge as they attempt to complete each challenge. It promises a fun and engaging gaming experience to players of all ages, with its vibrant graphics and engaging gameplay.

Do you want to experience an epic adventure? Join Strawberry, as she explores a world full of obstacles and power ups in Clock Legends. Sharpen and hone your reflexes.

Clock Legends is an action-packed adventure that will keep you on your toes and pumped up with adrenaline. Immerse yourselves in an action-packed environment where lightning-fast reflexes and quick thinking are key to success. Join Strawberry in her epic quest and you will be able to overcome all obstacles and win in Clock Legends.


Run around as Strawberry clock power up your kamehameha energy and jump over dangers