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Cootie will unleash your creative side! The classic game Cootie challenges players to build a bug using body parts by matching them up and rolling dice.

The game offers players a variety of colorful and unique bug parts that they can combine to create their own custom bugs. They can customize everything from the legs to the eyes to make their bug as unique and individual as they desire.

Cootie, a fun game for everyone of all ages, is a great way to spend time with family and friends. Cootie's simple rules and engaging playability make it a fun game for the whole family. Cootie stimulates one's creativity while providing a great way to compete in a lighthearted manner!

The game is played by players taking turns rolling the dice, collecting the pieces needed to build the bug and declaring the winner. The race to complete your bug is an exciting element that adds excitement and anticipation to every round!

Cootie offers not only hours of entertainment for young players, but it also develops their fine motor and hand-eye co-ordination skills. Assembling the parts requires concentration, making this activity educational and fun!

Cootie, a timeless classic game that has delighted generations of players for decades, is known for its endless fun. In this fun and engaging puzzle game, you will roll the dice and match pieces to create your own bug.


Roll the dice see if you match up to put parts on your weird looking bug.