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Cosmopilot will take you on a thrilling space adventure! Players will build their very own spaceship from scratch before collecting fuel to launch it into space and begin exploring this vast and unknown cosmos!

Cosmopilot provides an engrossing and captivating experience, challenging players to use their creativity and resourcefulness to construct an efficient spaceship. From designing its exterior appearance to fuelling its voyage to distant corners of space, players must carefully plan and strategize in order for their mission to be a success.

As they venture further into space, players will come upon various celestial bodies: distant planets to mysterious moons. Navigating these celestial bodies requires skill and precision as players must manage fuel reserves carefully while navigating obstacles in order to arrive at their destinations safely.

As they travel on their voyages, players will encounter opportunities to collect invaluable resources and unlock innovative technologies which can improve the performance of their spaceship. Along their voyage, players will encounter stunning visuals and atmospheric soundscapes which bring the universe alive!

Cosmopilot is more than a game; it's an opportunity to activate imaginations and foster wonder about outer space. By challenging players to build and pilot their own spaceship, it encourages creativity, problem-solving skills and exploration - creating an experience which will captivate players of all ages while sparking appreciation of outer space's wonders.

Are You Prepared For This Cosmic Adventure? Become a Cosmopilot and challenge the limits of space with your very own custom-built spaceship - explore it all today if that sounds exciting to you! The universe awaits our exploration - are You up for this task?


Build your spaceshuttle and collect enough gas to launch!