Defend Your Inglor

Defend Your Inglor

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Defend Your Inglor
Defend Your Inglor INSTRUCTIONS

Join Inglor and Protect Planet Bbs

We must unite and fight together to protect this Earth.

It is vital that you participate in this fight to defend Inglor from invasion. As soon as the invaders arrive, take command and blast away with your shotgun! We have a responsibility as protectors. We must rise to the challenge, and defend this planet at all costs!

You will be able to fight alongside Inglor for the security and survival of planet Bbs. Together, we face many obstacles on this journey but with determination and willpower, we will succeed in securing its survival.

We can fight back against the invasion of suicide-minded nOObs by standing together in unwavering solidarity, and with unwavering resolve and dedication. We must unite to fight such a danger. We must stand united against this!

Each shotgun blast and every decisive action we make brings us closer to victory against Inglor. Every victory we achieve will serve as proof of the strength and unity of our team as protectors for Inglor and BBs.

It is time to join our fight and help protect Inglor. Join forces to stand strong and defeat the enemy. This epic battle is for the safety and protection of planet Bbs. Our choices today will determine the future of this planet. Therefore, we must strive to ensure its safety and security for generations yet to come.

Join the fight to protect Inglor and Planet Bbs. Our combined effort can mean the difference between defeat and victory! Now is the time to take on this challenge and show everyone what makes us so great! We must show the world what we can do together!

Defend Your Inglor DESCRIPTION

Help the legendary robot, Inglor to shoot down the army of suicidal nOObs, and defend planet Bbs.