Draw Play

Draw Play

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Draw Play

Drawing Play: Lead Your Character to Victory Through Skillful Drawing"

The goal of the game is clear: lead your character towards the flag by drawing a path and navigating around various obstacles along its course. Drawing, however, is just part of it; using precise strokes strategically can guide them toward victory!

Player are challenged with steering their character toward the flag through creating an obstacle-free path, which requires quick thinking, precise execution and the ability to anticipate potential challenges ahead.

Draw Play success is determined by each player's creativity and problem-solving abilities. By carefully plotting out routes for characters to follow toward the flag, successful Draw Players ensure their characters move unimpeded towards it.

The game engages players with an experience that demands active drawing and strategic decision-making to guide a character toward victory and gain control of its outcome. By drawing the character successfully, they take control of its future success!

Draw Play offers an engaging challenge that requires players to move their character toward the flag through skillful drawing, using strategic planning and creative thought as they overcome obstacles and guide it toward victory. Every level brings new obstacles - making this game enjoyable yet mentally stimulating experience!


Draw the man towards the flag in order to beat this game.