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Duelsums is an exciting game where players test their strategic skills in battles that are full of excitement. In this exciting game, players compete with each other using different mathematical operators to manipulate grids of numbers in order to score points and win.

Duelsums offers more than just a math game. It's a place to test your quick thinking, strategic decision making and ability to think quickly. Duelsums allows players to show off their mathematical dexterity by demonstrating addition, subtraction or multiplication skills.

Duelsums is a game that requires strategic thinking. Players use mathematical operations like addition and subtraction to rearrange the numbers on the board to create clever combinations. This allows them to outwit their opponents. Duelsums tests both intelligence and strategy. Duelsums is a game that can be exciting because it has two sets on a board. Duelsums offers a thrilling challenge that will test your intelligence and strategy.

Duelsums is a mathematical game that challenges players to use different mathematical operators in order to defeat their opponent. Duelsums offers players a chance to win by using quick thinking and strategic skills.

Duelsums allows you to demonstrate your math skills and master strategic arithmetic maneuvers in an exciting battle of numbers. This captivating game will let your math skills shine.


Score points using arithmetic operators to manipulate a board of numbers and beat your opponent.