Endless Flight

Endless Flight

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Endless Flight

How to play "Endless Flight?"

In "Endless Flight", players are challenged to keep a flying dragon as long possible. Press and hold your left mouse while maintaining a steady hand. Beware of midair obstacles such as spiked ceilings and floors when you play this exciting title. Your goal is to keep this flight alive.

You will need to have quick reflexes, precise control and a good sense of direction as you progress through the game. Enjoy a fast-paced and exciting racing game where you can beat your high score or race against friends.

The simple but engaging gameplay of "Endless Flight", which is suitable for all players, regardless of age or skill level, will provide hours of enjoyment. Endless Flight lets players experience the thrill of flying a dragon, whether they are passing time or improving their skills.

Are You Up for the Challenge of Endless Flight? You can use your mouse to guide your dragon, and then see how long it can remain aloft in the air! Get set for adventure! Let the Endless Flight adventure start!

Endless Flight DESCRIPTION

Keep the dragon flying by using the left mouse button, avoid those midair obstacles, spiked ground and ceiling.