Et Hell Fire

Et Hell Fire

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Et Hell Fire

In "Et Hell Fire", players are thrust into a scenario where they must defend an ancient city against bomb attacks by using Surface-to Air missile sites that you command. You will need to intercept bombs and stop them before they can cause havoc to the ancient civilizations in your care.

Players must use quick reflexes to fire missiles against falling bombs. This will protect the city from destruction. This explosive defense game will require you to think strategically as you attempt to defuse enemy bombs as quickly as possible.

As a guardian, you must use your entire arsenal of missiles in order to combat any threats to the city and its inhabitants. With each successful intercept, we are one step closer to protecting the city from destructive forces.

"Et Hell Fire", an immersive and exciting gaming experience, challenges players to take on the role of protectors against a looming threat of destruction. With fast-paced action and intense gaming, "Et Hell Fire", will test your defensive abilities as you attempt to survive any potential trouble spot.


Take control of a Surface-to-Air missile site and blast the dropping bombs out of the sky to protect the city.