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Are you ready to put your fishing skills through their paces? The Fishing Game will have you hooked as you attempt to catch as many fish as possible! Use Left/Right Arrow Keys to move and position the Harpoon hook for perfect shots; once aligned press UP Arrow key to fire hook and reel in catch!

Keep a sharp eye out for any lurking danger, like sharks. A menacing shark poses a lethal risk that should be avoided at all costs; also keep an eye out for boots as these will reduce your score significantly.

While navigating the waters, use the down arrow key to retract your hook in preparation for another attempt at making an impressive catch. Keep your focus sharp and test your precision to see just how many points can be earned during this exciting fishing adventure!

Fishing Game offers an exciting challenge that requires quick reflexes and accurate aim to succeed. With its addictive yet straightforward gameplay, Fishing Game presents you with the chance to demonstrate your fishing prowess while competing for high scores - but will your skills rise up and allow you to reel in an abundance of points, or will the depths prove too deadly? Cast out and discover!


Play the Fishing Game. Position the Harpoon hook by using the Left & Right arrow keys. Use UP arrow key to shoot the hook and down arrow key to return the hook. BEWARE of the shark, it kills. And yeah, avoid the boots. They eat away your points.