Fruit Chimp

Fruit Chimp

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Fruit Chimp

Fruit Chimp: A Recreation of Fast Reflexes

Fruit Chimp is the perfect sport to check each quick reflexes and eager eyes! Step into the sneakers of an keen chimp who should devour cascading fruit treats with out encountering non-edible objects that deplete his Starvation Meter and price factors - Fruit Chimp will put each these abilities to the take a look at!

Goal of the Recreation: Ingest as a lot fruit as you may whereas expertly dodging obstacles to advance additional within the sport. Each piece of fruit that efficiently falls into your abdomen provides factors and staves off starvation for longer; any missed or unintended collisions with non-edible gadgets can shortly deplete Starvation Meter, forcing you to maneuver shortly whereas timing every motion exactly in an effort to fulfill him/her!

As extra fruit is collected, the tempo of the sport turns into ever sooner and requires faster reactions and break up second choices from you to prevail. Moreover, every successive degree provides one other problem for gamers to overcome.

Keep alert and agile; making errors might have severe repercussions, together with dropping all of your lives or having your Starvation Meter run dry and the sport coming to a sudden halt.

Fruit Chimp offers an attractive and entertaining gaming expertise, demanding fast reflexes and strategic thought to succeed at. This adrenaline-pumping problem makes Fruit Chimp a superb possibility for players in search of an adrenaline rush - so embrace its jungle setting and begin on an exhilarating quest to change into Fruit Chimp's champion!


You are a Chimp. Gobble the fruit treats falling from the trees before the Hunger Meter strikes empty. Avoid the cans, bottles and books or you lose a life for each hit and also get negative points.