Geek Fighter

Geek Fighter

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Geek Fighter

Geek Fighter is a fun and unique battlegame where players select the geeky character they want to play and then engage in epic combat. Players can defeat opponents by using weak attacks or slaps.

There are many characters to choose from, with special abilities and skills ranging from comic book lovers to hackers. So there's bound to be a character that suits everyone.

This Slap Shot Game has intuitive but entertaining game mechanics. Players use weak attacks and their character to guide them through different obstacles. The experience should be fun and lighthearted, for players of any age or level.

The "Geek Fighter", a fun and engaging game that celebrates all things geeky, from comic book lore to computer programming, is a unique take on the traditional fighting game.

The quirky character designs and engaging gameplay of "Geek Fighter", a new take on traditional fighting games, make it a great choice for casual players who want a lighthearted gaming experience.

"Geek Fighter" celebrates geeky culture with humor and fun. The unique characters, weak attacks and exciting battles of "Geek Fighter", make it a fun game for all players, whether they are fans of video games, comic books or technology. "Geek Fighter" has something to offer every geek, no matter their interest! The game is also not taken too seriously, giving players a refreshing yet enjoyable gaming experience!


Select your favorite dork and battle it out geek style use wimpy attacks and slaps to win.