Hau Den Dax

Hau Den Dax

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Hau Den Dax

Hau den Dax is a thrilling game that will test your skills. As you aim to reach new heights, your reflexes will have to be tested. This game's graph-charting feature will make sure you get an impressive score at every new peak.

Hau Den Dax requires players to have quick reflexes, and click quickly in order for them to catch an unpredictable power that is flying through the air. You must click in time to grab the power before it passes you again. Each successful catch will increase your score on a graph. Miss and your rating will rapidly decrease!

Hau Den Dax combines a challenging puzzle with a fast-paced action game. It is a great way to test timing, coordination and speed. The fast-paced gameplay and simple features will appeal to players at all levels.

The adrenaline will rush as you strive to beat your previous best score and raise your rating. As players try to improve their skills and climb higher up the graph, they will continue to play.

Hau Den Dax can be used to engage in quick gaming sessions, or you can challenge your friends by seeing who gets the highest score. This fun and engaging game will also test your reflexes, hand-eye coordination, and more!

Hau Den Dx is a fun and addicting game that's perfect for fast-paced games or thrilling challenges. This captivating challenge will test your reflexes and make you soar higher. Hau Den Dax will show you what's possible.


Let the power sky rocket hit it and see what your rating is on the graph.