Havoc mountain

Havoc mountain

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Havoc mountain
Havoc mountain INSTRUCTIONS

Enjoy the adrenaline rush of unleashing chaos on Havoc Mountain with this exhilarating game, which puts you in charge of an immense snowball. Your objective is to maneuver it downhill as efficiently and often as possible while colliding with as many skiers as possible; creating even greater chaos will result in higher scores!

As your speed and momentum increases, so does the opportunity for destruction - earning points with every skier you hit and earning more points for every collision with friends in this fun action-packed game! Take on friends to see who can cause more havoc while scoring higher in this exciting challenge!

Watch out for obstacles as you traverse the mountain! This game offers the ideal combination of thrill and strategy as players strategically use snowballs while revelling in creating chaos on their mountain path.

Bring excitement and chaos on Havoc Mountain by embarking on this thrilling game! Prepare to unleash mayhem as you glide down its slopes for an adrenaline-fuelled experience as you roll across its slopes - be prepared for an exhilarating ride down Havoc Mountain!

Havoc mountain DESCRIPTION

Control the giant snowball and crush as many skiers as you can!