Hollywood Buzz

Hollywood Buzz

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Hollywood Buzz

Hollywood Buzz will bring the glamour and glitter of Hollywood to your living area. This exciting action game allows players to shoot famous Hollywood actors with their TV remote. Many Hollywood celebrities are waiting.

Hollywood Buzz is an interactive, thrilling game that immerses the player in the glamorous and exciting world of celebrities. The players are challenged to test their reflexes and accuracy as they take aim at moving screens targets. The goal is to score maximum points by hitting targets.

Hollywood Buzz is a fast-paced game that will grip players as they try to hit as many targets and moving targets as possible. Hollywood Buzz guarantees nonstop fun for players at all ages!

Hollywood Buzz is a must-have for anyone who wants to add some extra excitement to their gaming collection. Hollywood Buzz offers simple but engaging gameplay that will keep you entertained for hours. Grab your TV remote and take aim to embark on an exciting journey into the glamorous worlds of Hollywood celebrities.

The engaging nature of this game makes it ideal for parties, gatherings or simply enjoying a night out with friends. Test your aim against your teammates and see who is the best in your group!

Hollywood Buzz, an interactive and exciting game, recreates Hollywood right at your fingertips. With fast-paced targets and celebrity themes to choose from, it is sure to be a fun and thrilling experience for gamers of all ages. Grab your remote control and aim accurately to prepare for an amazing gaming experience.

Hollywood Buzz DESCRIPTION

Shoot down hollywood celebrities using the TV remote.