Insane Orb

Insane Orb

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Insane Orb

"Insane Orb" adds an exciting and dynamic new layer to traditional Pong. Players use paddles to strike balls while strategically shooting to influence how it rolls across a tabletop playing surface, adding new dimensions of excitement to this classic format of game play.

The Insane Orb is an exciting modern spin on classic Pong that provides players with an intense and electrifying gaming experience. Adding shooting controls for manipulating ball movement adds another level of strategy and skill into gameplay - keeping gameplay fast-paced yet engaging and appealing to a new generation while pleasing fans of original Pong alike!

The Insane Orb offers players a new and exhilarating challenge through its mechanics, giving players control of shooting and manipulating the trajectory of a ball they shoot and shoot again to direct its trajectory, with each shot giving you strategic opportunities to outmaneuver your opponents and create an intense gaming experience!

The Insane Orb adds energy and excitement to traditional Pong gameplay by adding shooting controls for ball movement - creating an action-packed and captivating gaming experience! Players of any experience level will delight in its fast pace and competitive nature; from solo players to those competing against one another - playing solo or against opponents; it provides an intense and captivating gaming experience!

Conclusion The "Insane Orb" offers an exciting, modernized take on classic Pong game with updated features and improved gameplay, creating an intoxicating gaming experience for gamers of any skill level. By including shoot/manipulate ball movement for greater strategy control and strategy immersion compared with original version, "Insane Orb" should become essential gaming for fans of original version as well as those newcomers alike!


Modified classic pong game use paddle to hit ball and shoot to move the ball with your fire.