Jakes House

Jakes House

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Jakes House

Welcome to Jake's House. A fast-paced game that puts you in the role of a terrorist expert on a mission. You must uncover and stop any plots being hatched from Jake's home, and avoid FBI officers. You'll face intense challenges as you navigate this complex home, including obstacles set by Jake.

Jake's House puts players in a high-stakes scenario where every decision and move counts. You will have to find and eliminate the terrorists that are infiltrating into this supposedly normal house. This won't be easy, as you'll need to use quick thinking, keen observations and precise execution to win.

Jake's House is a game that challenges you to overcome many obstacles and enemies. You will have to avoid the FBI agents' gaze, engage in heated debates with police officers or dodge their eyes. This immersive and intense experience will keep you on your edge!

Jake's House features a lot of heart-pounding excitement, but players will also need to be able to use stealthy and cunning tactics to accomplish their goals. Your ability to be calculated and use surprise will help you in your fight against terrorists while protecting Jake's home from harm.

Jake's House has a compelling storyline, thrilling gameplay, and challenging challenges that will capture and enthrall all players. Do not hesitate to embark on an immersive journey filled with high stakes, peril and intrigue. Prepare to face Jake!

Are you ready to step into the shoes of an elite operative and take on Jake's house challenges? Prepare to take on your enemies, outwit authorities and fight back against Terrorism in this electrifying game that combines Strategy, Skill & Action.


Venture trough your own house in search of terrorists, avoid the FBI and shoot down cops.