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Title: Kumkang, the shoe-collecting Raccoon, is ready for an amazing adventure!

Kumkang is a brave raccoon who will guide you through a challenging landscape while avoiding being captured. Prepare yourself for a journey unlike any other!

While embarking on this amazing journey, you will immerse yourself into the captivating world Kumkang. You'll traverse different terrains while avoiding capture, collect shoes as fast as possible, and strive to amass a stunning shoe collection. The journey along this amazing adventure is full of excitement and thrills, creating a captivating yet thrilling expedition experience.

Kumkang’s adventures across difficult terrain are breathtaking. Their thrilling adventures will keep you guessing and smiling until the last second. Kumkang is on a journey to collect shoes across time and space. His actions become an exciting quest full of unexpected twists and turn!

Experience the thrill and mystery that Kumkang is searching for. The thrill of the adventure is enhanced by each obstacle and shoe that you collect.

Kumkang invites players to embark on an epic and captivating journey full of thrilling turns and challenges. The adventure promises unmatched intensity and excitement! As you take on each challenge, your journey becomes more and more captivating. It's an adventure unlike anything else! Prepare to be transported in Kumkang’s exciting shoe-collecting journey - you will have an adventure like no other!


Help the little raccoon collect the shoes scattered all over the place and avoid getting caught.