Magnetism 2

Magnetism 2

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Magnetism 2

Incorporate Magnetism into Fun and Educational Activities

Scientists and enthusiasts have long been fascinated by magnetism. Magnetism continues to be a force of fascination that is worth exploring, whether it's in technology, medicine or entertainment. Understanding its principles and manipulating them effectively can lead to truly educational experiences.

Magnets of all kinds, including electromagnets and magnets with polarity are a popular way to learn about magnetism. The tools can be used in engaging activities to demonstrate magnetism's principles. For instance, you could use them to guide the ball from an automatic hand into a glass using different types.

Participants are attracted to refrigerator magnets because they have magnetic fields that attract materials such as iron or steel. They can watch these magnets pull the balls to their target in a particular direction. Participants can watch how magnets guide and direct the ball's course by strategically placing them.

Electromagnets on the other hand are magnetic devices which are activated with electric current. The magnetic field of an electromagnet can be altered precisely by changing the way electricity flows through a coil of wire, and turning current flow on/off.

By helping participants understand magnetic polarity, i.e. how poles that are unlike each other attract and repel, polarity magnets can enrich their magnetic experience. After participants have grasped the concept of attraction and repellence between poles, they can use polarity magnetics to introduce alignment and orientation theory by using magnets.

Participating in activities that involve regular magnets as well as electromagnets or polarity-based magnets will give participants a practical understanding of magnetic forces. Magnetism can be taught in a fun and engaging way, while also developing problem solving and critical thinking skills.

Engaging in interactive magnetism is a great way to learn about and appreciate the power of magnetism. Harnessing magnetism, whether for educational or exploration purposes only, can provide a rewarding experience for all enthusiasts.


Use regular magnets, electro-magnets and polarity magnets to get the ball from the machine hand to the cup.