Metal Wrath

Metal Wrath

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Metal Wrath

Earth has fallen under attack by hostile machines that threaten its peace and wellbeing, yet now is the time for all people of good will to stand together against these mechanical enemies in an epic fight to take back our home planet! We must unite together against them so we may recapture control of its precious resources!

Humanity refuses to surrender in the face of overwhelming odds; we refuse to succumb to these invading forces' oppressive rule. Now is the time for united resistance against these metal monstrosities; by pooling our strength together and unleashing it with unflinching determination we will retake control over our home territory and restore peace to its devastated land masses.

As the fate of humanity rests upon their shoulders, fearless warriors from around the globe have answered the call to arms with determination and cutting-edge technologies, ready to face off against mechanized invasion.

Every battle won is one step towards victory, while every adversary vanquished brings us one step closer to reclaiming our freedom. The fight for Earth's salvation rages on, with each triumph standing as proof of humanity's unyielding spirit.

From desert sand dunes to buzzing metropolises, war is taking place everywhere on this globe. Clash of steel and thunder of gunfire echo across devastated landscapes as an epic struggle for dominance unfolds.

War is never simple. In this one though, our very future hangs in the balance; but thanks to courage, cunning, and sheer determination on our part we won't succumb to metal's fury and crumble under its pressure.

Humanity must rise up against mechanical invaders and take back what belongs to us with unbreakable resolve, uniting against those forces which seek to subjugate us. We stand united as one in our quest against those oppressive forces which seek our subjugation.

Now is our moment to seize our destiny and uproot these destructive machines from our planet. Together, we will rise victorious; their legacy a testament to humanity's unshakeable strength.


Reclaim the planet earth from the enemy machines that have taken over your world.