Monkey Ball

Monkey Ball

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Monkey Ball

Monkey Ball is an exhilarating game which puts players in control of steering Aiai towards a yellow goal by tilting and rotating the floor. As they advance in gameplay, levels become increasingly challenging to navigate Aiai through various levels and obstacles successfully - testing their agility while thinking quickly in planning out Aiai's journey and planning their path through each level successfully.

Monkey Ball offers an engaging gaming experience that rewards perseverance, precision, and skill; players must remain focused and attentive as Aiai navigates challenging mazes of obstacles to reach victory! By actively manipulating the environment of Monkey Ball players can guide Aiai to victory while relishing every victory that arises with each new obstacle overpowered!

With every tilt and rotation of the floor, players effectively shape Aiai's landscape and determine his destiny. Monkey Ball provides an engaging experience that requires active participation by players of all skill levels - providing an intensely enjoyable yet thoroughly rewarding game play for beginners as well as veteran gamers alike. Monkey Ball encourages quick thinking on one's feet while testing reflexes and problem solving abilities; both newcomers as well as veterans will find Monkey Ball challenging yet satisfying!


Tilt and rotate the floor to guide Aiai to the yellow Goal!