Nose Picker

Nose Picker

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Nose Picker

Play "Nose Picker" with your friends and have fun! It is similar to Mr. Similar to Mr. Download "Nose Picker"! Make your next party or game night memorable with laughter and entertainment.

The possibilities to create ridiculous and funny noses in this game are almost limitless. Players can choose from a variety of offbeat and humorous accessories, such as glasses and colorful hats, outlandish moustaches and funky earrings. You should try to create something outrageous in order to make the game more engaging!

Nose Picker, an interactive party game that is perfect for social gatherings and virtual game nights. The game is designed for all ages and has intuitive and entertaining gameplay elements that appeal to everyone. "Nose Picker", with its intuitive gameplay, will keep you laughing.

Through playful interactions with teammates, "Nose Picker", provides a fun way for players express themselves imaginatively and creatively. The lighthearted, playful atmosphere of "Nose Picker", encourages creativity and lets users unlock their prankster sides while having fun. It's a great alternative to traditional board games. It also offers a chance to compete with friends on a fun and engaging game!

Nose Picker makes a great way to break the ice, bring a smile to your face and amuse you! Its simple yet entertaining premise is sure to bring smiles and laughter.

With "Nose Picker," you can have fun with your friends while expressing your creativity. This is the perfect game for anyone who enjoys silliness, laughter and casual gaming!


This game is similar to Mr. Potato where you click and choose which items you want on the nose.