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Pacman has long been one of the most iconic arcade games. First released by Namco and popularised worldwide since 1980, Pacman quickly established itself as a beloved part of video gaming culture and pop culture alike.

Pacman gives players control of his iconic character as he navigates mazes, gobbling up pellets while being pursued by colorful ghosts. The goal is to consume all available pellets while dodging ghost attacks; power pellets allow Pacman to turn things around by hunting down and devouring ghosts for brief periods instead.

Pacman has become an iconic arcade staple over time due to its simple but addictive gameplay, catchy music, and vibrant graphics; making him a fan favorite around the globe. Additionally, his character has become part of pop culture through merchandise sales, spin-off games and even his own television show!

Pacman had an undeniable impact on gaming industry history. Not only did he popularize maze chase games like Maze Chaser, he also inspired numerous others that inspired it and played an essential part in making video gaming popular among mainstream audiences. Even today his legacy lives on as new generations enjoy him through modern platforms re-releases.

Pacman remains one of the classic video game characters and its eternal popularity attests to this timeless appeal and classic status in gaming culture. No matter your gaming level or experience level, Pacman provides hours of enjoyment.


The classic Pacman game!