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Welcome to Priest-N-Devils, an interactive game! Your primary aim in this game is to assist both priests and devils across a river in safe fashion, using click-n-move characters for movement while the "GO" button helps steer their boat. However, be careful as too many Devils on either side may attack and kill Priests; your job as player should be to ensure both 'teams' pass safely without giving the Devils too much power at any point during gameplay."

To win at this game, players must devise an efficient plan that allows their characters to cross the river while following a rule preventing Devils from outnumbering Priests on any side. It presents an engaging yet challenging puzzle which necessitates quick thinking and strategic planning skills.

Priest-N-Devils offers an engaging way to exercise problem solving abilities and spatial reasoning skills in a fun, entertaining way. With its interactive nature and immersive, engaging gameplay experience, Priest-N-Devils makes for a delightful pastime that appeals to people of all ages - be it for passing time or testing out strategy capabilities! Priest-N-Devils offers both thrilling entertainment as well as stimulating mental challenges!

Are you up for the challenge and ready to help the Priests and Devils safely cross the river? Click on their characters, use the GO button to move their boat, and use your strategic prowess to steer it safely across without letting Devils overpower Priests! Have fun while playing Priest-N-Devils! Good luck - and most of all have fun while playing Priest-N-Devils!


Help the Priests & Devils cross the River. Click on them to move them, and click the GO button to move the boat to opposite direction. If Priests are outnumbered by the Devils on either side of the River, they get killed by the Devils.