Puppy Red

Puppy Red

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Puppy Red

Help the cute protagonist, Puppy Red, overcome challenges presented by black commandos with his bubble gun in this exciting adventure game! To achieve maximum success and effectiveness.

Players will soon be immersed in a world of challenging obstacles, thrilling escapades and black commandos. Quick thinking and dexterous movement are required if Puppy red is to complete her mission.

Puppy's Bubble Gun is the central mechanic in this game, allowing him to progress through different levels while outwitting Black Commandos. Bubble guns are used not only to defend, but to gain an advantage and advance in the games.

This game requires that players develop skills to navigate increasingly difficult levels. She will need to make quick decisions and have good reflexes as she tries to outwit his opponent.

As they progress through the game, players will find power-ups and bonus items that can improve Puppy's abilities. This gives him an advantage against black commandos while also allowing him to enter battles more successfully. The power-ups are a great way to add a fun element and a strategy into the gameplay.

Puppy Red is a fun and engaging game that uses vibrant visuals, intuitive controls and a storyline to engage players on Puppy Red’s mission against the black commandos. The combination of strategic challenges and skill-based ones will ensure an exhilarating experience!

"Puppy Red", a new game from the makers of "Puppy" allows players to experience an exciting adventure as they help a charming character face off with dangerous foes. Puppy red can overcome any challenge with ease, guided by his bubble gun.


Help Puppy Red kill all the evil black commandos, using his bubble gun.