Save Ed

Save Ed

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Save Ed

Undertake an Exciting Rescue Mission with Molly and Tom: Help Rescue Their Friend From Haunted House"

Molly and Tom need your assistance as they race against time to rescue Ed from an ancient manor that seems haunted. Navigating its creepy corridors may prove challenging but your assistance could prove vital as they unravel any mysteries present within.

As they explore this perilous house, a series of tests and puzzles will challenge their resolve - necessitating swift thinking from you as they embark upon this perilous adventure! Your swift actions and expertise are integral in steering them safely through it all!

Join Molly and Tom on their epic rescue mission of Ed. Your actions will play an essential role in clearing away obstacles on their path - are you up to becoming the heroes of this thrilling rescue mission?

Join Molly and Tom on their daring quest as you face your fears and use all your wits to outwit the sinister forces imprisoning Ed in a haunted house! Prepare for an immersive, heart-pounding experience as you join Molly & Tom through this thrilling ride.

Ed lies within your hands to save, so can only count on you for her rescue from Molly and Tom's mission of rescue from haunted house. Combining forces to overcome darkness and return Ed safely home.

Be ready for an exhilarating journey where every decision and action taken by you and your team will influence its successful completion! Time is running out as Ed must be saved quickly from his haunted house--can your group discover all its mysteries before time runs out?

Make this incredible adventure yours and use both strategic thinking and courage to make a real impact in their lives! Now is the time for bravery - join together in saving Ed from being trapped inside his haunted house!


Help Molly and Tom save their friend Ed from the haunted house!