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Join Schnappi, the alligator, as he navigates through various levels, consuming flies and staying safe! Schnappi is hungry and needs your help to satisfy his appetite. You must guide him through different challenges in order to ensure his safety and success.

Schnappi guides you through every level, presenting challenges and puzzles that will test your reflexes. Schnappi will need to use quick thinking and strategic moves in order to overcome these obstacles.

It is vital to watch Schnappi throughout the entire game. You will need to anticipate dangers and devise ways to overcome them. To keep Schnappi safe, you may have to avoid traps and outmaneuver your enemies. You might also need to solve complicated puzzles.

Schnappi is in need of your help. He needs to be able to continue to move forward and maintain his energy by eating as many flies as possible. The key to Schnappi's success is your efforts in collecting the most flies possible!

Schnappi is a fun and engaging game for all gamers, whether they are casual or experienced. Schnappi will provide an unforgettable experience for all players, regardless of their age or background. It will also enchant and entertain anyone who enters its world! This adventure is sure to delight players of all ages with its vivid graphics and captivating gameplay!

Discover an exciting and thrilling world as you follow Schnappi on his journey! No two levels will ever be the same! Schnappi will be able to overcome every new challenge. You need to be alert and flexible!

Are you ready for an epic adventure with Schnappi, the alligator? Schnappi will embark on an extraordinary adventure. You can help him win one fly at atime with your assistance and guidance!


Help schnappi the alligator get through many levels while eating flies.