Sky Boarder III v2

Sky Boarder III v2

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Sky Boarder III v2

Sky Boarder III V2 is an epic adventure where you will need to navigate terrain, find secret shrines, and collect weapons before facing powerful bosses. You will face many obstacles and opponents along the way, making exploration an adrenaline fueled challenge. Valuable shards are also available to unlock new discoveries while strengthening your armory. Prepare yourself for an action-packed experience full of discovery and excitement with this thrilling game!

Sky Boarder III invites you on a quest of discovery and danger. As you explore its world, you'll collect precious shards which reveal powerful weapons, hidden shrines and formidable bosses. Be prepared for a thrilling experience, as enemies and obstacles stand in your way. You'll need to keep your senses alert to collect the gems and uncover exciting discoveries. Expand your arsenal while you play this game.

Sky Boarder III V2 is an exciting adventure that will take players on a journey filled with challenges and obstacles. Don't forget to keep an eye out for shards that can lead you to new discoveries or power weapons. This thrilling game is filled with excitement and adventure!


Travel the land collecting shards to reveal shrines, more weaponry and bosses.