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Welcome to an exhilarating puzzle experience with Speedyblocks - the brand new puzzle game which promises an intense challenge of both your skills and reflexes! Featuring fast-paced gameplay and exciting challenges, Speedyblocks promises to keep you amused for hours on end!

This game's concept is both simple yet addictive: to quickly clear out boards of blocks of the same color in an effort to accrue points and move on to new levels as quickly as possible, quickly clearing groups of three or more block-tongue combinations as quickly as possible - keeping players constantly on edge during its high-energy, explosive fun!

Speedyblocks' captivating graphics offer an engaging gaming experience for players of all ages. Its intuitive controls make picking up and playing easy while its ever-increasing challenge levels keep players coming back for more action!

Speedyblocks offers something to everyone - casual gamers looking for quick entertainment or puzzle enthusiasts searching for new challenges alike will find Speedyblocks the ideal way to unwind after a hard day or add excitement into their leisure time.

This game's addictive nature and fast-paced action make it ideal for gamers looking for quick adrenaline-pumping gaming sessions, as well as helping sharpen cognitive skills and hand/eye coordination while you navigate increasingly complex levels.

Speedyblocks provides an exciting puzzle-solving adventure! Boasting exciting gameplay, breathtaking visuals, and challenging levels - this game promises hours of entertainment - test your reflexes against one another as you immerse yourself into Speedyblocks' high-octane world!

Speedyblocks DESCRIPTION

Detonate group of 3 or more blocks of the same color in one row!