Star Runner

Star Runner

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Star Runner

Prepare yourself for an exciting adventure with "Star Runner." In this fascinating game, players are asked to guide a cute blob through a series of challenges while guiding it through different levels.

The main goal of the game involves guiding a blob through different levels and collecting as many stars possible. You may encounter obstacles and puzzles that will test your agility and problem solving ability.

Be ready to face various obstacles, traps and adversaries that will try to hinder your progress. With quick thinking and precise actions, you can overcome these obstacles in order to continue your star-collecting adventure.

The immersive nature of "Star Runner" keeps players engrossed and offers both stimulation as well as thrills at every level. The "Star Runner's" course is constantly revealing new obstacles and challenges, ensuring that players of all ages will have a thrilling experience.

Will you take on the challenge of leading a little blob to its celestial destination, collecting stars along the way, and coming out victorious? Immerse yourself in the magical world of "Star Runner" to find out what this incredible journey is all about!


Help the blob collect stars.