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Take off on an exciting and entertaining journey with Starfrosch as you take control of an adventurous little frog exploring an engaging world! Your objective in this captivating game is to collect stars while safely traversing an environment full of poisonous flowers - your goal being star collecting.

As the player, you will take control of a bold frog as it navigates its way through captivating levels filled with vibrant visuals and immersive environments filled with lush vegetation, vibrant blooms and challenging obstacles that will test both your skill set and reflexes.

Your main aim in Star Bouncers is to collect as many stars as possible by showing your dexterity and strategic thinking to overcome various challenges in each level. As you advance further through, difficulty increases accordingly providing plenty of entertainment and thrills!

However, your journey won't be an effortless one; perilous flowers will pose serious threats along the way and put an added element of thrill and suspense to this remarkable adventure!

Starfrosch provides an immersive and captivating gaming experience for players of all ages with its visually impressive design and engaging gameplay, providing players of all kinds an enjoyable and thrilling journey - be they casual gamers looking for an entertaining escape, or experienced gamers seeking new challenges - that won't put off Starfrosch from being their perfect adventure!

Overall, Starfrosch is an engaging and captivating game that promises hours of entertainment and enjoyment. Boasting charming protagonist, breathtaking world, and challenging obstacles - Starfrosch offers the full gaming experience and is essential for those searching for an engaging gaming adventure! So take charge and dive headfirst into this fantastic journey accompanied by Starfrosch in search of joy, wonder, and adventure in an amazing universe filled with wonder!


Guide the frog through a fantasy world collecting stars and avoiding venomous flowers.